Amitabha Roy
Amitabha Roy
JavaAdmin.Com is technical blog website was founded by Amitabha Roy on April 26, 2011. It mainly focusses on Java/J2EE technologies along with web designing and hosting technologies. The articles or blog posts are presented in the form of a tutorial which actually originated from a developer’s technical skill learning curve or from his daily professional work. It has been tried to present the contents to the point, easy to understand and step by step illustration to keep a log of the developer’s skill so that the same can help other new developers or technical learners.

I was thinking for a long time to launch my own Java blog. With this blog I’ll be able to keep a log of my personal technical learning curve and it can be shared to the whole world as well. The difficulties I had faced I do not want that others will face those again. I am having six years of Java development industry experience and I have learnt many things right from the start of my career. Sometimes I feel that I am forgetting those things which I am not using for more than six months or so and a quick revision is required. In many cases I found that the revision process is becoming lengthy because I am not able to find out the material I have used in my learning curve. So I have decided to maintain a little bit of hints about that. This was the most important motivation for me to launch this website. I hope that the effort presented here will ease everyone’s technical skill learning curve.

To learn something I read books, online posts or articles, discuss with my friends and colleagues and write the code myself and debug that to get answers to every possible queries in my mind. This way of learning makes me confident and I am able to remember it for a longer time.

There are many such other tutorial websites and I am not going to increase the count. I am a learner; I need to keep noted clearly what I have learnt for my personal benefit; if this note becomes helpful to someone else then It is a real pleasure to help others; I am confident of what I have learnt so It is good platform to discuss on the topic for mutual knowledge sharing. That’s all! Have a pleasant and nice learning.